Map. History of ISIS conflict

20 Ağustos 2019
Major operations by Iraq's army from the eastern Salahuddin desert stretching all the way to the Himreen mountains, hunting down Da'ish militants hiding out in this remote region.
Video of clashes between SDF and ISIS in Deir ez-Zur
10 ay önce
ISIS taking 4 more soldiers hostage in Anbar. 2 have already been missing for the past week after an ambush in Aqaz Field.
Last night, a group of ISIS attempted to attack a security checkpoint at Kilo 18 west of Ramadi. ISF monitored their activity and killed all 3 militants.
10 ay önce
Suriye Demokratik Güçleri Basın Merkezi son 24 saatte 31 IŞİD militanının etkisiz hale getirildiğini açıkladı
Iraq Army 7th Division, 29th Brigade killed 4 ISIS trapped in a tunnel west of Hit
Deyrizor'un doğusundaki Susa kasabasında 46 kişinin öldüğü hava saldırısı öncesi Uluslararası Koalisyona ait F16 savaş uçakları bölgede görüldü.
Iraqi police forces killed on Saturday three militants and seized two explosive belts in the oil-rich Iraqi province of Kirkuk.
SOHR : "Susah'daki katliamda ölen insan sayısı 58'e çıktı. Katliam Uluslararası Koalisyon tarafından yapıldı."
Süveyde'de IŞİD tarafından kaçırılan 6 kişi serbest bırakıldı.
Iraqi Federal Police kill 3 militants in ambush in Rishad area in southwest Kirkuk Province.
9th Armored Division leaves Hawija for northern Salahuddin
ABD'nin Doğu Suriye'deki saldırısında 35 kişi hayatını kaybetti.
Iraqi Ninawa Police arrest 10 ISIS in Karama neighborhood in East Mosul.
Chicago, Il: An American was arrested this week for helping lead a pro-ISIS media group that was churning out primarily grassroots/ISIS supporter-driven content.
In Iraq, improvised explosive device explodes at entrance to mosque in Zubair district south of Basra City. Material damage only.
Deyrizor'un Hajin kentinde SDG birlikleri ile IŞİD arasında çatışmalar devam ediyor
Suriye hükümeti Süveyde'deki çatışmalarda 600 askerlerinin öldüğünü doğruladı
Uluslararası Koalisyon savaş uçakları Deyrizor'un Hajin kentini bombalıyorlar
10 ay önce
Al-Safa bölgesinde IŞİD'in kaçırdığı 6 sivil serbest bırakıldı. Eğer görüşmeler sonlanmazsa diğer siviller de serbest bırakılacak.
IŞİD Hajin kentinde son savaşını veriyor ve direnmeye devam ediyor.
10 ay önce
Rusya Savunma Bakanlığı Suriye'de IŞİD'in tamamen mağlup edildiğini duyurdu
10 ay önce
IŞİD Güney Suriye'de kaçırılan 27 Dürzü'den 6'sını serbest bıraktı
10 ay önce
There looks to be currently a stalemate between SDF and ISIS at Al-Susah and Al-Baghuz Fawqani,with the former mostly under ISIS control and the latter under full SDF control
10 ay önce
Judging by recent IS attack claims, the battle front in the southern part of SE Deir ez-Zur pocket extends across Baghouz-Mozan Susah axis with Shajlah totally or partly under SDF control
More footage showing the (S)VBIED that HTS captured yesterday in a raid on an IS cell in Musaibin (S. Idlib). After being dismantled, it was transported away
Inherent Resolve:Al-Anbar and al-Jazeera operations commands have launched operations to hunt down the remnants of ISIS to secure these areas and Iraqi-Syrian borders.
French military start to build a military base in Syria's Raqqa (Brigade 17 region to Sahlat al-Banat region in the Northeast of Raqqa city and from Sahlat al-Banat region to the North of the Sugar plant in Northern Raqqa)
An ISIS supporter channel - picked up by @ToreRHamming - has reported the deaths (presumably in Hajin, Syria) of x2 British fighters: 1. Nasser Ahmed Muthana (aka "Abu Muthanna al-Britani") 2. Siddhartha Dhar (aka "Abu Rumaysah al-Britani"). Neither had been reported before.
Iraqi authorities launch a joint military operation to track ISIS cells in areas south and east Baqubah to end the existence of these cells in the province of Diyala
French military base in Raqqa: dozens of French soldiers deployed in northeastern Syria to support the SDF
Iraqi Security Forces and PMF (Hashd) conduct night operation to break terrorist cell west of Mosul. 1 terrorist detained. Ninawa Province continues to have car bombings, suicide bombings, improvised explosive device attacks and armed attacks.
Unknown men set on blaze mosque in Nangarhar10 ay önce
Unknown men set on blaze mosque in Nangarhar
Idlib: The rebels raided Daesh base in Sarakib and release a number of prisoners
Xeber24 says daesh reinforcements arrived in Hajin Pocket area where SDF is fighting daesh. They traveled through Russian/Assad held areas under cover of the sandstorms
Iraq The fourth stage of Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) operation began from two axes in al-Sodur and Basatin areas with support of Iraqi warplanes to clear ISIS cells in Diyala province.
International Coalition in Iraq: ISIS still has some safe havens in Anbar and Kirkuk Provinces. There are 1500 to 2000 ISIS fighters in Euphrates Valley in Syria.
Iraqi Security Forces begin operation southeast of Baquba in Diyala Province to destroy ISIS cells.
Deir ez-Ezur: ISIS has executed 5 civilians in the town of Al-Shafa on charges of dealing with the militia of SDF.
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