Map. History of ISIS conflict

9 Липень 2020
Біля військового патруля курдських бойовиків в місті Манбидж на сході Алеппо вибухнула придорожня бомба
ISIS militants killed 3 civilians in a village in Hawija's Abbasi sub-district southwest of Kirkuk on Monday.
Міністр оборони оголосив, що літаки F35 ВПС Великобританії здійснили першу бойову місію проти об'єктів Ісламської Держави в Іраку і Сирії
ISIS elements just kidnapped 3 people in the village of Wardiyah and fled in direction of Shajarah in west Kirkuk
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Couple of hours ago, twin IED blasts were reported in Jalalabad near the local prison. No casualties reported at this time.
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Taliban fighters appear to have launched major attacks against ISKP positions in Chapah Dara after capturing ISKP bases in Nurgal. Remaining ISKP fighters fled to Dara Nur area of Nangarhar under the cover of pro-ISKP families in the area.
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Per @UN, ISIS has 2,500-4,000 fighters in Afghanistan "mainly in Nangarhar and adjoining eastern provinces" "Its rate of attacks was lower in early 2019 than a year earlier, but it retains significant capability" the UN report adds
Sinai: ISIS claims killing and wounding of 10 workers involved in the fortification of the el Arish airport, yesterday
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Theresa May: Our priority is to reach a diplomatic solution to calm tensions with Iran
Islamic State formally claimed responsibility for the inghimasi attack targeting Kadyrov's Presidential Palace in Grozny, Chechnya. IS says "Abdullah al-Shishani" carried out the attack, killing and wounding palace guards before being killed by the police.
Прем'єр-міністр Австралії оголосив про евакуацію восьми дітей із Сирії, вони є дітьми громадян Австралії, які приєдналися до ІДІЛ
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Невідомі бойовики обстріляли з кулеметів один контрольно-пропускний пункт Демократичних сил Сирії в місті Касра на заході Дайр-Ез-Заур
Egypt- ISIS claim sniper attack killing a soldier at a checkpoint near Rafah, IED attack targeting an MRAP near al-Arish, North Sinai
Police patrol was attacked in Grozny, 2 policemen wounded, attacker killed
ANA forces also participated in today's clashes in southern Kunar1 рік тому
ANA forces also participated in today's clashes in southern Kunar
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Iraqi Counter-terrorism service 2nd ISOF Brigade disrupts ISIS logistical line between Hadr and Siniya areas in Ninawa Province in operation lasting 2 days supported by Iraqi aviation and International Coalition air. Operation involved a series of air assault landings.
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2 suspected ISIS members were killed in Khasavyurt district of Dagestan
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A joint multinational force in West Africa announces the killing of 42 ISIS members in the Lake Chad region
Unidentified gunmen targeted with machine-gun fire one of the checkpoint of SDF near the Al Izba oil field
SDF operation in the village of Jiyah and Junaydah in the western countryside
Seven people killed in suicide bombing attack on mosque in eastern Baghdad
Killed and wounded in a suicide bombing inside a mosque in Baghdad
Explosion targets a mosque in Baghdad's Baladiyat district. Casualties reported.
Iraqi media: dead and wounded by two suicide bombings inside a mosque in eastern Baghdad
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Bomb blast reported in Achin district. Allgedly Taliban commander was targeted.
(Sinai): Amaq report on the destruction of an EAAF MRAP in an IED attack by Wilayat Sinai militants in the al-Midan area, west of al-Arish.
The Islamic State is saying its forces in the Sahel were responsible for the IED on US troops near Ouallam, Niger, on June 9. IS claims to have killed US soldiers but the US denied this.1 рік тому
The Islamic State is saying its forces in the Sahel were responsible for the IED on US troops near Ouallam, Niger, on June 9. IS claims to have killed US soldiers but the US denied this.
A suicide bombing in Khanaqin has caused casualties, a source in the area told Kurdistan 24.
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ISWAP Claims Deterring Nigerian Army attack in Baga, Inflicting Multiple Casualties
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A Puntland security officer was shot dead by unidentified men armed with pistols in Bosaso town short while ago, the culprits escaped from the scene. Both AS and ISIS fighters are active in the region, however no group has claimed the responsibility.
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