IS fired 2 rockets landing near Gaziantep Airport, Turkey responded by shelling IS positions in northern Syria FSA retake Niyarah, Tatiyah, Naddah and Sandaf villages. Kaljibrin & KafrKalbin towns still ISIS-held. Aleppo Russian Parliament's Defense Committee asks Putin to launch unilateral strikes against Jabhat Al Nusra in Syria Greek representative in NATO Assembly committee: Instead of Macedonian we want to be used Slavic Macedonian term in reports Turkey is responding by carrying out artillery strikes against ISIS Sheikh Issa town west of Mare' has reportedly been taken by SDF in north Aleppo countryside Iraq's forces will advance from J. Khalidiyah to Saqlawiya, near Fallujah, cutting off a major Da'ish supply line. 80+ Da'ish gunmen have been killed by Iraq's forces in Jazirat Khalidiyah, E. of Ramadi, in a huge op. Aleppo: Reports of a car bomb explosion on the Bab al-Salama road near the Sijou garage Aleppo24 claims YPG/SDF has taken control of Sheikh Issa west of Mare’a in north rural Aleppo Iraq's Hashd (PMUs) groups have handed over control of Karma, NE of Fallujah, to the Iraqi army + local fighters. ISF and PMU claim to have taken control of al-Sajar industrial area & the Islamic cemetery north of Fallujah .@GeoffPyatt talking to even larger than usual Vitali Klitschko as prepare to set record for largest English lesson Milan ATGM used by the Republican Guard, Deir Ez Zor. Clashes break out after Trump San Diego rally A magnitude-7.3 earthquake has struck in the South Sandwich Islands. A tsunami is not expectedIraq's forces captured a number of Da'ish militants near Lake Tharthar, trying to flee disguised as civilians. Syrian government forces shell Hritan in Aleppo northern countrysideIraq forces capture Islamic Cemetry north to FallujahPoroshenko: the Question of borders is key in the context of the implementation of the Minsk agreements Google Earth shows huge explosion on Ukraine-Russia border btwn 16 and 20-7-2014ISIS claiming US is providing air support for Misrata Airstrike hits village of al-Hamraa in Hama governorate, Syria. Hama: Su-24 bomb Kafr Zita, Al-Lataminah and more since yesterdayEarthquake of magnitude 7.3 - 69km NNE of Visokoi Island, South Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsEarthquake of magnitude 7.3 - 50km NNE of Visokoi Island, South Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsAirstrike on Latamna in rural Hama, Syria today Raqqa: Yesterday's footage from the Northern Raqqa fronts between SDF and ISIS. Footage of the PKK IED that targeted a Turkish military convoy in Şemdinli/Hakkâri, TurkeyBombardment of Kafr Hamra this morning

History of ISIS conflict

28 May 2016