Map. History of ISIS conflict

24 November 2017
US led anti-ISIS coalition spokesman @OIRSpox Colonel Ryan Dillon said Tuesday the coalition would not offer support to any forces that are not fighting ISIS or working toward US mission, referring to YPG/PKK elements in Syria's Afrin
Afghanistan: Taliban Claims Killing Of 6 US Soldiers In A Suicide Bombing In Qarabagh District Of Kabul.
Shaikhan, Sheikha, Malha, Sabeeha, Ali Al-Mani, Arab Abdullah Al-Furaiji, Beir Aziz, Umm Al-Akarab, Masilil, Kheila, Al Radarra , Albu Rahman, Sarjaimah, Beit Al-Fawadi, Abdullah Al-Obaidi, and Sabihat al Badwa were freed by Iraqi Forces.
14 PMU Brigades supported by Iraq Army and Federal Police freed 56 villages within an area of 4500km2, control 3 bridges, and gained access to the Tharthar Valley. 8 VBIEDs, and 4 Technicals, 3 vehicles captured, and destruction of mortar units along with supplies and HQs.
PMU Brigade 1 killed 3 ISIS attempting to cross the border from Syria today.
Post by Shaitat Activist in the Shaitat Area. A lot of ISIS Daesh Withdrew from the area but still there are a lot of them in the area
Daesh's Khorasan Province takes credit for Jalalabad suicide bombing that killed eight protestors
Afghanistan IS/Khorasan claims at least 50 dead and injured in suicide attack in Jalalabad
Video: Tu-22M3 bombers hit ISIS in Deir-ez-Zur province
Russian Tu-22M3 bombers hit ISIS targets in Deir-ez-Zur province
[email protected] to service members fighting ISIS: "They say we've made more progress against ISIS than they did in years of the previous administration. And that's because I'm letting you do your job."
[email protected] to @USMC service members in Iraq: "Major to you and all your Marines doing this great work in delivering defeat after defeat to ISIS is being talked about."
Russian chief of staff: Russia will probably reduce the size of its troops presence in Syria
N. Aleppo: five more Syria|n Hezbollah fighters recently killed on AbuKemal front buried in Nubul and Zahraa.
Video: Iraqi forces launch a major offensive to flush Islamic State group fighters out of a desert region near the border with Syria
Turkish police arrest 20 people suspected of being ISIS members in Istanbul, 16 of those arrested identified as foreign nationals
Iraqi forces begin anti-ISIS operation to clear desert areas of Anbar province reaching to Saudi, Syrian and Jordanian borders. Forces involved include Army, Tribal Forces and PMU (Hashd). Extensive use of Coalition air power.
Death toll rises to 8 in Jalalabad explosion, public health officials confirm
Russian Federation council says messages about U.S plans to stay in Syria "not random"
Early reports indicate 6 killed and 8 wounded in Jalalabad explosion
Press TV report inside the Syrian town of Bukamal that was recently released from the hands of Daesh
Syrian Arab Army regain full control of al-Quriyah town south-east of DeirEzzor countryside
Explosion reported in Nangarhar capital Jalalabad. Casualties feared
5 civilians were wounded in a blast in eastern Jalalabad city. Afghanistan
1 killed and 14 wounded including 3 NATO soldiers in Qarabagh district of Kabul province. Afghanistan
IS Khurasan Branch beheaded 15 of their fighters in Momand Dara area of Achin District in eastern Nangarhar Province. A credible source tells TOLOnews that they were killed after tried to join peace process
Radio silence on all official IS media channels for 24 hours running. Even judging by October's standards, this is unprecedented.
ISIS Poster boy Abu Hamza al Beljiki aka Tarik Jadaoun held by Iraqi Intel Agency Facron in Baghdad.
Iraq announces operation to clear last ISIS holdouts from desert
Russian Defense Ministry: The Syrian army, backed by Russian advisers, regained control of the town of Qouriya in Deir al-Zour