Map. History of ISIS conflict

26 September 2017
Fares Shehabi, government "MP for Aleppo" on how US-backed SDF accessed ISIS territory
Photo shows the destruction around the "Old Mosque" neighborhood inside Raqqa city due the clashes between ISIS and SDF
Photos of 1st governmentnt unit near the border in Anbar. They just finished clearing out Wadi Houran.
Large Peshmerga forces arrived in Kirkuk to join Hawija operation
Photos of PMU Brigade 51 in freed areas north of Baiji
No delay in Hawija operation - Army reinforcements and PMU rocket forces arrived to the area.
Airstrikes on towns of Al Mayadin area, and reports about civilian casualties. Deir-Ez-Zur
2 Syrian government forces from Tartous were killed by ISIS in Deir Ez zor today
US Department of State: Claims that US supports ISIS or complicit in Russian commander death has no basis in fact. US/Coalition has one objective: defeat of ISIS
Body of IRGC officer Mohsen Hojaji who was beheaded by ISIS in Syria returns to Iran
SOHR: ISIS kills 79 government forces' members and loyalists including 7 Russians at eastern banks of Euphrates River
September 25 - Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS in Syria and Iraq
The SDF moved about 15% of their fighters from Raqqa to join clashes against IS in Deir ez-Zor.
Raqqa24 team in besieged #Raqqa: 11 civilians died in the last 5 days due lack of medicine
LTG McMaster: Population in areas seized from ISIS "will never accept" Assad's forces as legitimate. #ISWSC17
SDF fully controlled Fardos neighborhood in #Raqqa
Al-Shabab fighters reportedly 'retake' Taraka village after KDF vacated earlier Monday; it comes five days after withdrawing Bardhere town.
Kenya troops have withdrawn another military base in Gedo region, local officials have told Somali media.
SDF captured weapons from killed ISIS militants in Raqqa city.
The White House: U.S hopes for a unified Iraq to destroy the Islamic state organization and confront Iran
ISIS released video from North of Baghdad [Tarmiyeh and its region] with a compilation of old images and news of ops and executions
ISIS claim destroyed SDF vehicle with ATMG south of al-Shuwar in eastern DeirEzZor
Nusra ex-official says Turkey talked ISIS into withdrawing from Jarablous, with the Levant Front as the intermediary
Pentagon: ISIS executed 45 of its own fighters between Iraqi cities of Anah and Rawa “as a warning to others,” who were fleeing Anah, spox
SDF commander says they target 'hostile forces' with heavy weapons in retaliation after bombings earlier.
Islamic State attacks the SDF hold Koniko oilfield in the Deir Ezzor province with GRAD rockets(GRAD-P)
A hand grenade was thrown govt troops in Ali kamiin neighborhood in Mogadishu, sporadic gun fire can be the scene. Somalia
Pentagon: Kurdish referendum 'distraction' from ISIS fight. "This is an issue for Iraq, they are going to have to sort that out,” spox says
Inherent Resolve:Sep 23-24, Coalition forces conducted 85 strikes consisting of 167 engagements vs ISIS in Syria and Iraq
Pro-Assad-forces try to advance in desert from Humaymah to ISIS held T-2 Pump station 70km west of AbuKamal
HRW: 2 US-led coalition strikes near Raqqa killed 84 Syrian civilians including 30 kids
Scenes of clashes MMC/SDF with Daesh in North Raqqa, Andalus District yesterday
U.S. Central Command:[email protected] Strike Update: Near Raqqah, 29 strikes engaged 7 ISIS tactical units and destroyed 20 positions
SDF Seizes al-Kubar town western Deir-Ezzor from ISIS
'New wave' of minors fleeing forceful recruitment of Al-Shabab arriving in Baidoa: officials
Syria Clashes between SDF and ISIS now in Andalus neighborhood at northern entrance of Raqqa city
Death of Russian general in Syria is result of US hypocrisy – Moscow
Russian Airstrikes hit ISIS-held district of Deir Ezzor city
UK’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says “Iraq’s future lies in dialogue” and that his country is prepared to help.
Britain’s Foreign Secretary @BorisJohnson urges “all parties to remain calm, work together to defeat ISIS.”
SAA and allies establish full control over Um Al-Rish and Rasm Al-Naqah villages in east Homs/ Hama CS.
Intense raids today morning on Mayadin city
Ongoing operations to capture Umm al-Rish, East Homs
Philippines Marawi - Marawi siege to end in less than a month: army
Report: with General Asapov killed or wounded 5 more top Russian officers. Whole command group of Deir-ez-Zur op
10 People Killed eastern Deir Ezzor in al-Mayadin city by US-led Coalition raid
Parsons Green tube attack: police make seventh arrest One has been charged: 18-year-old Ahmed Hassan
Raqqa: Airstrike targeted the city
Lieutenant General Asapov is the most high-ranking officer killed in action in the entire history of modern Russia
SDF captured Sor town’s silos from ISIS in Deir-Ez-Zor countryside.
The trial of Morsi and others in the storming of prisons is postponed until October 2
Six terrorists were killed and 65 terrorist caches destroyed in raids by the Second Army north of Sinai
Military spokesman: Law enforcement forces in the Second Army Field continue their efforts to combat terrorist activity in North Sinai
Today, the trial of the accused is considered the case of "Ansar al-Sharia Brigades"
OIR Spokesman: ISF kept up the fight to #defeatDaesh thru the weekend - 66 villages captured near Hawija and Sharqat; >850km2 cleared
HRW accuses US-led coalition of not taking adequate precautions to minimise civilian casualties in Syria