Map. History of ISIS conflict

22 July 2017
Unknown armed men abduct 70 passengers from Kandahar-Zabul Highway 2 days ago, kill 7, take hostage 43 and release 20 of them: AIHRC
Heavy airstrikes and artillery shellings in Marawi city now. Philippines
There's only 2km left between the eastern and western fronts. Once done, SDF will control both banks of the Euphrates River
ISIS said its fighters have killed 5 Filippino soldiers and wounded 4 more during clashes in Marawi city. Philippines
ISIS launched a major attack in Amiriyah al-Fallujah area, several positions have been captured by its fighters. Iraq
Philippines to extend Mindanao martial law until December 31 as it compares Marawi crisis to Mosul
July 21, Coalition forces conducted 15 strikes consisting of 28 engagements against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.
Islamic State: Battles against Syrian forces in the vicinity of Ithriya Hama
Clashes in Sukhna area eastern Homs countryside and exchangeable Shelling between ISIS and pro-Government forces
Jamil Hamid Ramadan, an IS official and the personal accomplice of Saddam al-Jamal (an IS governor in the "Euphrates Area" which is the Deir ez-Zor-Anbar area) was reportedly arrested today by Ahrar al-Sharqiya while he was trying to flee Abukamal.
Manbij Military Council footage from Raqqa, Syria.
US Special Ops chief General Raymond Thomas confirms that the CIA ended support for Syrian rebels and says the U.S. decision to halt the CIA program equipping and training certain rebel groups fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was not done as a concession to Assad's ally Russia.
Evidence of drugs found inside a building formerly occupied by IS in Raqqa, Syria. .@IanPannell for .@ABC News reports.
MMC/SDF fighters confiscated weapons, ammo and mines from daesh in Tayar district SW Raqqa.
James Mattis,United States Secretary of Defense, on ISIS leader al-Baghdadi: 'I believe he is alive'
A busy day for the SDF, as they received thousands of local civillians fleeing from Raqqa city to the safety of SDF areas.
Reports about capture Al-Dahel and Al-Eakershy villages in East Raqqa CS are false
Airstrikes hits Al Mayadin City eastern Deir Ezzor
Al Masdar: Syrian Army advances 30 kilometers through ISIS-held eastern Raqqa and Captured Dalhah and Ukayrishah
US officials say Russia for 1st time moved 3 Su-25 "Frogfoot" jets from airbase in Latakia along Syria coast to Tiyas (T-4) airbase in Homs
.@CJTFOIR Strike Update: Near Raqqah, 16 strikes engaged 10 ISIS tactical units; destroyed 13 positions
Al Shabab have reportedly fired mortar rounds on Jowhar airport, Somalia casualties remain unknown
East Homs. 25+ SAA soldiers killed by Da'esh near T3 Airbase
9kms left to As Sukhnah from South-West for Syrian army and allies
Confirmed YPG SDF using drones to target ISIS, Raqqa
Islamic State: Iraqi Hummer vehicle destroyed by IED village of al-Jabi north-east of Baquba Diyala
Iraq: Second day in a row that @CJTFOIR release on air strikes the previous day doesn't include Mosul.
2 NGOs workers and 2 vehicles were abducted by a group of armed men on the outskirts of Beledweyne town, gunmen also killed 3 people
SDF fighters are heading towards the frontlines in Raqqa
SDF surveillance cameras showed how to track down and identify IS points to avoid hitting civilians and keeping them safe