19 July 2024
The Iraqi Presidency: U.S. attacks will undermine the chances of success of the ongoing negotiations with the international coalition
In souther @Syria, ISIS "maintains around 20 active cells totalling 250 to 300 fighters in Dar’a & Suwayda’, some opportunistically collaborating with other armed factions" per @UN report "aims to expand towards the outskirts of Damascus to establish a stronger foothold"
ISIS in Syria also was "able to free some leaders & operatives held in SDF-controlled prisons, intensify recruitment & expand the presence of small mobile cells along the Syrian-Iraqi borders" per @UN report
5 month ago
Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya announces the arrest of the perpetrator of the attack that targeted a church in Istanbul on Sunday
Islamic State claims responsibility for the attack against the Istanbul church, killing a person today. A bit bizarre5 month ago
Islamic State claims responsibility for the attack against the Istanbul church, killing a person today. A bit bizarre
Daraa: Abu Laith Al-Azizi, a prominent leader of ISIS, was killed in Daraa. His death was confirmed a short while ago in the city of Nawa, west of Daraa
Soldiers kill 2 suspects in Marawi bombing, 6 others in Lanao del Sur
5 month ago
Worrying development in Cabo Delgado: following the withdrawal of the Mozambican army, IS-Mozambique occupies Mucojo, "the first significant settlement to be held by the insurgents since RSF drove them out of Mocímboa da Praia and Mbau in August 2021"
5 month ago
The Islamic Resistance in a statement will not comply with the US and Iraqi negotiations, and will carry on with attacking US forces in Iraq and Syria untill a full coalition forces withdrawal
WSJ: The U.S. secretly warned Iran that Islamic State was preparing to carry out the terrorist attack early this month that killed more than 80 Iranians, U.S. officials said
US Secretary of Defense: Military experts will study the capabilities of the Iraqi forces to advise the Supreme Committee on the most effective development of the coalition mission against ISIS
@SecDef announces the start of talks with the Iraqi government about the future of the U.S.-led mission to defeat ISIS.These talks have been expected since August, but come at a possible inflection point as regional tensions heat up
Reuters: Washington and Baghdad are about to begin talks on the future of the American military presence in Iraq
The Coniko gas field base in the Deir ez-Zor countryside, northeastern Syria, was targeted with two missiles without exploding, and the coalition forces respond with artillery shelling.
ISIS member killed in a clash with Asayish in Manbij yesterday.
Several ISIS-affiliated “militants” have been arrested in Iran, according to the Intelligence Ministry, in connections with a recent twin bombing that killed nearly 100 people
Iran: The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence is on the lookout for a suspected ISKP operative, identified as Adil Panjsheri, who was allegedly involved in the planning of the Kerman suicide bombings. It is believed that he is hiding somewhere in an area west of Tehran
One of the most popular initial pro-ISIS Twitter handles/online recruiters from 2014, @ ShamiWitness, who turned out to be an MNC employee based in Bengaluru named Mehdi Biswas is finally convicted 10 years after his arrest
Iranian Foreign Minister: Tehran will respond forcefully to any attack that threatens its national security
Reuters: Biden describes the Yemeni Houthi group as a terrorist organization
6 month ago
Pro-Assad forces Air Force bombers continue their raids on the dens and movements of ISIS groups in the Syrian desert.
6 month ago
Blast Hits Western Kabul. An explosion was heard in Kabul's western Dasht-e-Barchi area on Thursday afternoon, January 11, local sources said. According to eyewitnesses, the blast took place near a bustling business center, Barchi Business Center. Casualties feared
ISIS in Mozambique burned a Christian village in Cabo Delgado province6 month ago
ISIS in Mozambique burned a Christian village in Cabo Delgado province
6 month ago
9 members of Assad's forces were killed and 22 others were injured in an attack that targeted an overnight bus in the Palmyra desert in the Homs countryside
6 month ago
Pro-Assad forces soldiers were killed and wounded following an armed attack targeting an overnight bus in the Palmyra desert, east of Homs.
Deir ez-Zur: An ISIS commander was killed as result of an airdrop operation by SDF forces in eastern countryside of Deir ez-zor
6 month ago
East Syria: ISIS launched this morning/night coordinated attacks in area of Palmyra. Looks like serious as Russia & SyAF are currently carrying out airstrikes to repel the attack. government reinforcements also on their way
6 month ago
A member of Assad's forces was killed and another was injured in an attack targeting a military vehicle in the Ithriyah desert, west of Raqqa.
The Iraqi Foreign Minister: The government sent a delegation to Washington recently regarding the presence of the international coalition in Iraq
UN Security Council: We condemn in the strongest terms the cowardly terrorist attack that occurred in the city of Kerman in Iran