25 July 2024
4 month ago
ISIS claims two attacks against the SDF and the Asayish in the countryside of Deir_ez_Zor, eastern Syria
4 month ago
U.S. Embassy in Russia alert: The Embassy is monitoring reports that extremists have imminent plans to target large gatherings in Moscow, to include concerts, and U.S. citizens should be advised to avoid large gatherings over the next 48 hours
4 month ago
FSB exposed ISIS cell, plotting attack on the synagogue in Moscow, several suspected killed in Kaluga region
Iraqi Prime Minister: ISIS does not represent any threat to state security
Five men were killed in clashes with counter-terrorism police in Karabulak village of Ingushetiya
Clashes with suspected militants at Karabulak village, Ingushetiya
Official Syrian media: 7 drones belonging to armed organizations were shot down in the countryside of Idlib and Raqqa
Iraqi Intelligence: We were able to arrest two of the "most dangerous ISIS leaders" in an operation outside the borders
5 month ago
Homs: 6 people were killed, including a member of the Damascus government forces, in an attack by ISIS militants on a group of truffle pickers, southeast of Jeb al-Jarrah in the eastern countryside of Homs
5 month ago
MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE — A new outbreak of unrest in northern Mozambique, a scene of a jihadist insurgency, has forced thousands to flee their homes, according to U.N. figures and sources in Cabo Delgado province
D24: Daesh launched an attack on government positions in the Bashri desert in the southern Deir Ezzor countryside this morning
5 month ago
Explosion in PD-4, Kabul City
5 month ago
Tajikistan: The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs called the explosion in Kulyab a terrorist attack
5 month ago
9 Syrian army soldiers were killed in an ISIS attack on a military barracks in the center of the country
IS-Somalia claims it targeted a police vehicle in Karaan, Mogadishu yesterday with an IED causing 6 casualties:
The International Coalition: We look forward to continuing military talks with our Iraqi partners on Sunday and discussing the transitional phase of our mission
5 month ago
Iran’s foreign minister departed for Beirut, Lebanon, to meet a number of Lebanese officials and the resistance front leaders
An Iraqi military spokesman: What the international coalition is doing is pushing the government more than ever before to finish its mission
An Iraqi military spokesman: The international coalition completely exceeds the reasons and purposes for which it was found on our land
Night raid by IS-West Africa on a Nigerian police barracks in Gajiram, Borno:5 month ago
Night raid by IS-West Africa on a Nigerian police barracks in Gajiram, Borno:
The Iraqi Parliament: The international coalition forces are now threatening the security, stability and sovereignty of Iraq and must be removed immediately
The Iraqi Presidency: U.S. attacks will undermine the chances of success of the ongoing negotiations with the international coalition
In souther @Syria, ISIS "maintains around 20 active cells totalling 250 to 300 fighters in Dar’a & Suwayda’, some opportunistically collaborating with other armed factions" per @UN report "aims to expand towards the outskirts of Damascus to establish a stronger foothold"
ISIS in Syria also was "able to free some leaders & operatives held in SDF-controlled prisons, intensify recruitment & expand the presence of small mobile cells along the Syrian-Iraqi borders" per @UN report
5 month ago
Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya announces the arrest of the perpetrator of the attack that targeted a church in Istanbul on Sunday
Islamic State claims responsibility for the attack against the Istanbul church, killing a person today. A bit bizarre5 month ago
Islamic State claims responsibility for the attack against the Istanbul church, killing a person today. A bit bizarre
Daraa: Abu Laith Al-Azizi, a prominent leader of ISIS, was killed in Daraa. His death was confirmed a short while ago in the city of Nawa, west of Daraa
Soldiers kill 2 suspects in Marawi bombing, 6 others in Lanao del Sur
6 month ago
Worrying development in Cabo Delgado: following the withdrawal of the Mozambican army, IS-Mozambique occupies Mucojo, "the first significant settlement to be held by the insurgents since RSF drove them out of Mocímboa da Praia and Mbau in August 2021"
6 month ago
The Islamic Resistance in a statement will not comply with the US and Iraqi negotiations, and will carry on with attacking US forces in Iraq and Syria untill a full coalition forces withdrawal